For the 2021 grant season, the Aerodigestive Society Research Committee queried the aerodigestive community to create a ranked list of research priorities.   We are proud to announce that we will be evaluating letters of intent for the 2021 Bryan Medical Aerodigestive Research Grant, providing $10,000 annually to the project that best addresses the research needs of the Society.   This year, investigation along one or both of the following lines will be considered for funding.

AIM 1:  Determine meaningful, implementable ways to diagnose clinically significant acute and/or chronic aspiration in infants and children.

AIM 2:  Elucidate the pathophysiology of swallowing dysfunction in children with aerodigestive conditions, including those with structural anomalies, inflammatory conditions, or nervous system dysfunction.

Interested parties should summarize their research and its aims into a Letter of Intent and submit it to by September 22, 2021, 1159 C.S.T..  If, upon review by the Aerodigestive Society Research Committee, your Letter of Intent (due September 22, 2021, 1159 C.S.T.) is deemed appropriately aligned with our aforementioned research aims, you will be asked to complete a brief, formal grant application.  This application will be scored by a multidisciplinary grant review committee, and the 2021 Bryan Medical Aerodigestive Research Grant will be awarded at the Annual Meeting, November 4-5, 2021.

The Structured Letter of Intent Must Include the Following:

1. Project Title
2. PI contact information and education
3. Institution affiliated with the research
4. Other sources of funding (If applicable, other sources should be listed)Start date and end date
5. Project Summary/Abstract (2,000 characters max. including spaces. Text only; no special characters or formatting). 
6. Selected ‘Focus Area’ that aligns with one or more of the two 2020 Aerodigestive Society funding aims

Post expires on Thursday September 30th, 2021