Thank you for your interest in the Aerodigestive Society! To gain membership into the society, please fill out the application below and pay the appropriate fee that is associated with your correct title using either the PayPal or Venmo button. Please note, it is our belief that aerodigestive practitioners function best as a member of an aerodigestive team. At a minimum, such teams are multidisciplinary, most teams include: Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology, Pulmonology, Nursing, and Speech Language Pathology - and they meet regularly, meet face to face and collaborate procedurally.  If you are part of a team that meets these criteria, you are entitled to full membership in the Aerodigestive Society. If your team does not meet these criteria, or if you are not part of a team, you are eligible to join the Society as an Associate at a reduced rate. 

2019 Aerodigestive Society Membership Application

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 Please pay below using the drop down menu according to your professional status:

Physician: $130.00                    Non-Physician: $100.00                  Student: $80.00                         Associate: $80.00

Additional Payment Options

You may also make a payment using VENMO. Please be sure that you pay the correct fee that is associated with your title using the VENMO payment information for the Aerodigestive Society below.

  • Username: Aerodigestive-Society
  • Email:

Please see below for a brief description of the Aerodigestive Society’s standing committees. These are an excellent way to get involved, shape and enact the mission of the Society. If you are interested in serving on a standing committee, please email us at