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Collaco et al. – 2015 – Interdisciplinary pediatric aerodigestive care and reduction in health care costs and burdenCollaco, Joseph M. Aherrera, Angela D. Au Yeung, Karla J. Lefton-Greif, Maureen A. Hoch, Jeannine Skinner, Margaret L.2015

Choi et al. – 2019 – Diagnosis, Classification, and Management of Pediatric Tracheobronchomalacia A ReviewChoi, Sukgi Lawlor, Claire Rahbar, Reza Jennings, Russell2019

Boesch et al. – 2018 – Structure and functions of pediatric aerodigestive programs A consensus statementBoesch, R. Paul Balakrishnan, Karthik Acra, Sari Benscoter, Dan T. Cofer, Shelagh A. Collaco, Joseph M. Dahl, John P. Daines, Cori L. Dealarcon, Alessandro Deboer, Emily M. Deterding, Robin R. Friedlander, Joel A. Gold, Benjamin D. Grothe, Rayna M. Hart,2018

Balakrishnan et al. – 2019 – Outcome measures for pediatric laryngotracheal reconstruction International consensus statementBalakrishnan, Karthik Sidell, Douglas R. Bauman, Nancy M. Bellia-Munzon, Gaston F. Boesch, R. Paul Bromwich, Matthew Cofer, Shelagh A. Daines, Cori de Alarcon, Alessandro Garabedian, Nöel Hart, Catherine K. Ida, Jonathan B. Leboulanger, Nicolas Manning, P2019

Bairdain et al. – 2015 – Direct tracheobronchopexy to correct airway collapse due to severe tracheobronchomalacia Short-term outcomes in a series of 20 patientsBairdain, Sigrid Smithers, Charles Jason Hamilton, Thomas E. Zurakowski, David Rhein, Lawrence Foker, John E. Baird, Christopher Jennings, Russell W.2015