About Us – General

Our Society Goals

  1. To understand  the medical, psychological and social needs of the aerodigestive patient whose disease originates in childhood 
  2. To promote  the understanding of these needs through  learning, research, and teaching 
  3. To advocate for the needs of the aerodigestive patient and the pediatric aerodigestive discipline at all levels, including other medical, governmental, institutional and health care organizations and governing bodies, as well as the public 
  4. To foster the collaborative integration of various disciplines involved in the care of the pediatric aerodigestive patient and the interaction between the discipline and intersecting disciplines
  5. To advance the breadth and quality of research designed to improve the health and quality of life for patients with aerodigestive conditions

Who We Serve


  A pediatric aerodigestive patient is a child with a combination of multiple and interrelated congenital and/or acquired conditions affecting airway, breathing, feeding, swallowing, or growth that require a coordinated interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic approach to achieve optimal outcomes.  

This includes (but is not limited to) structural and functional airway and upper gastrointestinal tract disease, lung disease due to congenital or developmental abnormality or injury, swallowing dysfunction, feeding problems, genetic diseases, and neurodevelopmental disability.  

Who We Are

A multidisciplinary group of providers, administrators, coordinators, and allied health care workers who are members of teams that are committed to improving health worldwide by advancing research, clinical care, and public health for aerodigestive patients.

The Aerodigestive Society

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