Committee Descriptions

1 .  Research Committee

The Research Committee shall be responsible for the scientific (as opposed to didactic or patient-facing) program presented at the annual meeting to include making recommendations for the program format, reviewing and selecting submitted papers, organizing selected papers into the program format (as posters, podium presentations, or otherwise), and otherwise conducting the necessary business to ensure a successful and informative scientific program. In addition, the Research Committee is tasked with a rigorous review of grant applications, the disbursement of Aerodigestive Society research grant funds, and the scientific monitoring of the Society research grant funds to ensure scientific aims were satisfactorily pursued. 

2. Membership and Society Committee

It shall be the duty of the Membership and Society Committee to examine candidates’ qualifications for membership (Fellowship) into the Aerodigestive Society and report its recommendations to the Board. The Membership and Society Committee will be responsible for communication between and amongst the various disciplines that enter into the area of pediatric aerodigestive care. This Committee will be responsible for coordinating and implementing educational programs in the many interrelated areas of pediatric aerodigestive care.

3. Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee will be responsible for long-range planning as it pertains to the prosecution of the mission and goals of the Aerodigestive Society. The Strategic Committee will consider and make recommendations to the Executive Committee and to the Board regarding the Society’s arenas of activity, the technological vehicles and timing the Society should consider in performing these activities, and the ways the Society continues to differentiate itself from other health care societies and thus add to the value of the Aerodigestive Society. The Strategic committee will consider and report on the economic costs of implementing its recommendations.

4.  Patient Liaison Committee

The Patient Liaison Committee is tasked with proposing to the Board and the Executive Committee the use of Society revenues available for patient-facing activities to create a valuable interaction between Society members and aerodigestive patients. The Patient Liaison Committee may propose patient councils to advise the Aerodigestive Society. The Patient Liaison Committee shall interact with aerodigestive disorder-related-groups on behalf of the Aerodigestive Society to foster mutual education, agenda-setting, and research activity.