2023 Aerodigestive Denver Conference – Scrolling View

2023 Conference Introduction[08:51]
Kaalan Johnson & Matt Brigger
Advanced Techniques in Feeding Therapy[50:20]
Moderator: Randi Thomas Speakers: Bridgett Harrington, Jamie Hogle, Kimberly Morris
Aerodigestive Care in Congenital Heart Disease[1:09:49]
Moderator: Matt Brigger Speakers: Doug Sidell, Naomi Lowe, Nikhila Raol, Robin Deterding
Aerodigestive Management of the Syndromic Patient – Trisomy 21 – CHARGE – 22Q[1:20:18]
Moderator: Sarah Kinder Speakers: Clare Richardson, Sara Zak, Phillip Knollman
Aerodigestive Society Presidential Address – Emerging Aerodigestive Models Outside the United States[26:37]
Speaker: Kaalan Johnson Announcement of Research Awards Virtual Welcome: Robin Cotton
Beyond the Triple Scope – When Combination Endoscopies Do not Yield the Answer[1:30:09]
Moderator: Clare Richardson Speakers: Hayat Mousa, MyMy Buu, Luv Javia, Paul Boesch, Alvaro Pacheco
Button Batteries & Caustic Ingestion – Acute Management and Long-term Care of Esophageal Injury[52:53]
Moderator: Nik Wolter Speakers: Tendy Chiang, Kishore Sandu, Natashia Seemann
Controversies in EA – TEF Management[1:30:20]
Moderator: Todd Wine Speakers: Jason Smithers, Erik Hysinger, Dan Von Allmen, Evan Propst, Randi Thomas
Controversies in managing Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome[46:31]
Moderator: Derek Lam Speakers: Susan Slattery, Tracey Stewart, Ajay Kasi
Controversies in Thickening – Inpatient and Outpatient[51:16]
Moderator: Kimberly Morris Speakers: Jenny Maybee, Kim DeMarre, Sarah Kinder, Lauren Jalali
Difficult Cases in Dysphagia[34:56]
Moderator: Brianna Grace Speakers: Dana Williams, Reema Padia, Amy Faherty, Lauren Jalali
Drooling and Chronic Aspiration of Secretions[48:37]
Moderator: Stephanie Wong Speakers: Sam Daniel, Elton Ashe-Lambert, Cissy Si
Emerging Aerodigestive Models in Latin America – The Pediatrician as Consumer[1:33:54]
Co-Moderators: Christopher Wootten Speakers: Rebecca Maunsell, Alvaro Pacheco, Edgar Belteton, Andressa Peixoto, Kaalan Johnson
Expanding the Aero Team – Inpatient Consults – Leveraging the EMR – Role of the APP[45:32]
Moderator: Lyndy Wilcox Speakers: Jennifer Kha, Nasim Zadeh, Dave Molter, Sarah Connearney
FEES Update[41:05]
Moderator: Jaime Hogle Speakers: Jim Schroeder, Yann-Fuu Kou, Allison Brown
How much aspiration can a pulmonologist tolerate[41:44]
Moderator: Tassos Koumbourlis Speakers: Mohammad Fazili, Edgar Belteton
Learning from Each Other Aerodigestive Coordinator RN and APP Forum[1:18:58]
Moderator: Clare Spahr, Jesse Erkman, Tinsley Recher, Amy Wrenn, Victoria Cohen, Sarah Vitolo, Annie Banas
Managing the Epiglottis – Strange Cases and Common Problems[55:30]
Moderator: Tina Friesen Speakers: Sohit Kanotra, Christopher Wootten, Taher Valika, Charlie Myer
Optimizing the Transition Home after a Tracheostomy[49:03]
Moderator: Emily DeBoer Speakers: Kevin Callans, Rosemary Patel, Carrie Liu
Overcoming the Supply Chain and Labor Shortages in Healthcare[32:26]
Moderator: Jeremy Prager Speakers: Andrew Georgilis, Joel Friedlander, Paul Imaoka
Parental Perspective on Communicating Inside and Outside the Aero Team[39:44]
Co-Moderators: Taher Valika & Matt Brigger Speakers: Maureen Devlin, Riahannon Valdez, Cheryl Paquete
Prevention and Management of Childhood Bronchiectasis[45:30]
Moderator: Emily DeBoerSpeakers: Aparna Rao, Matt Abts, Sarah Hofman-DeYoung New feature in test – chat with this page Yes. We’re going to move right into the next session. If anyone wants to stand up and come down closer so you have a better view, you are welcome to move around. Let me just put this… … Continue reading
Pulmonary Literature Year in Review[31:47]
Speaker: Sarah Hofman DeYoung
Reconstructive Alternatives – Airway Resection vs. Reconstruction[53:58]
Moderator: Lyndy Wilcox Speakers: Kishore Sandu, Jaime Penchyna, Mike Rutter, Luv Javia
Role of Fundoplication[30:43]
Moderator: Soma Kumar Speakers: Jose Diaz-Miron, Jason Smithers
Session 1 – Abstracts[1:09:55]
Moderator: Mymy Buu 1. The Interarytenoid Assessment Protocol (IAAP): A Multi-Institutional Validation Study to Standardize Pediatric Laryngeal Cleft Evaluations. Shaunak N. Amin, MD. University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital. 2. Using Machine Learning to Predict Treatment Response to Interarytenoid Injection Augmentation. Sara Esteves. Creighton University School of Medicine 3. Patient Reported Outcome Measures of Pediatric Paradoxical… … Continue reading
Session 2 – Abstracts[57:12]
Moderator: Sara Zak 1. Reach and Adoption of the Childhood Dysphagia Management Scale. Jenny Maybee, OTR, MA CCC-SLP. Children’s Hospital Colorado. 2. Caregivers of Children with Down syndrome Worry About Feeding and Swallowing and Modify Their Child’s Diet Regardless of Dysphagia Diagnosis/Impact. Arwen Jackson, MA CCC-SLP. Children’s Hospital Colorado. 3. Esophagitis and Stricture Prevalence in… … Continue reading
Severe Dysphagia Management – Going home with an NG Tube[43:12]
Moderator: Kara Larson Speakers: Pete Duncan, Maireade McSweeney
Telemedicine in Aerodigestive Clinics[35:06]
Moderator: Taher Valika Speakers: Scott Rickert, Sara Zak
The Role of Anti-Inflammatories in the Aerodigestive Population[47:06]
Moderator: Tom Gallagher Speakers: Daiva Parakininkas, Hayat Mousa
The Role of the OT in Aerodigestive[37:32]
Moderator: Jenny Maybee Speakers: Lisa Horvay, Jenna Mathews
Tracheostomy Care in Low Resource Settings[35:22]
Moderator: Chris Baker Speakers: Nicki Johnson, Michelle Noel
Update on Global Collaboration Airway Surgery[59:55]
Speakers: Chris Hartnick, Mike Rutter, Victoria Valverde, Saravanamuthu Thirunavakarasu


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