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Adil et al. – 2015 – Evaluation and management of chronic aspiration in children with normal upper airway anatomyAdil, E., Al Shemari, H., Kacprowicz, A., Perez, J., Larson, K., Hernandez, K., … Rahbar, R.2015

Adil et al. – 2016 – Usefulness of upper airway endoscopy in the evaluation of pediatric pulmonary aspirationAdil, E., Gergin, O., Kawai, K., Rahbar, R., & Watters, K.2016

Appachi et al. – 2017 – Association of enrollment in an aerodigestive clinic with reduced hospital stay for children with special healthAppachi, S., Banas, A., Feinberg, L., Henry, D., Kenny, D., Kraynack, N., … Krakovitz, P.2017

Arvedson – 2008 – Assessment of pediatric dysphagia and feeding disorders Clinical and instrumental approaches-annotatedArvedson, J. C.2008

Bairdain et al. – 2015 – Direct tracheobronchopexy to correct airway collapse due to severe tracheobronchomalacia Short-term outcomes in a series of 20 patientsBairdain, Sigrid Smithers, Charles Jason Hamilton, Thomas E. Zurakowski, David Rhein, Lawrence Foker, John E. Baird, Christopher Jennings, Russell W.2015

Balakrishnan et al. – 2019 – Outcome measures for pediatric laryngotracheal reconstruction International consensus statementBalakrishnan, Karthik Sidell, Douglas R. Bauman, Nancy M. Bellia-Munzon, Gaston F. Boesch, R. Paul Bromwich, Matthew Cofer, Shelagh A. Daines, Cori de Alarcon, Alessandro Garabedian, Nöel Hart, Catherine K. Ida, Jonathan B. Leboulanger, Nicolas Manning, P2019

Boesch et al. – 2018 – Interdisciplinary aerodigestive care model improves risk, cost, and efficiencyBoesch, R. P., Balakrishnan, K., Grothe, R. M., Driscoll, S. W., Knoebel, E. E., Visscher, S. L., & Cofer, S. A.2018

Boesch et al. – 2018 – Structure and functions of pediatric aerodigestive programs A consensus statementBoesch, R. P., Balakrishnan, K., Acra, S., Benscoter, D. T., Cofer, S. A., Collaco, J. M., … Wood, R. E.2018

Choi et al. – 2019 – Diagnosis, Classification, and Management of Pediatric Tracheobronchomalacia A ReviewChoi, Sukgi Lawlor, Claire Rahbar, Reza Jennings, Russell2019

Collaco et al. – 2015 – Interdisciplinary pediatric aerodigestive care and reduction in health care costs and burdenCollaco, Joseph M. Aherrera, Angela D. Au Yeung, Karla J. Lefton-Greif, Maureen A. Hoch, Jeannine Skinner, Margaret L.2015

Coppess et al. – 2019 – Standardizing Laryngeal Cleft Evaluations: Reliability of the Interarytenoid Assessment ProtocolSteven Coppess, JD, MBA, Reema Padia, MD, David Horn, MD, Sanjay R. Parikh, MD, Andrew Inglis, MD, Randall Bly, MD, John Dahl, MD, PhD, MBA, Daniel Dudley, and Kaalan Johnson, MD2019

Dauer et al. – 2006 – Airway manifestations of pediatric eosinophilic esophagitis A clinical and histopathologic report of an emerging associationDauer, E. H., Ponikau, J. U., Smyrk, T. C., Murray, J. A., & Thompson, D. M.2006

DeBoer et al. – 2016 – Measuring pediatric bronchoscopy outcomes using an electronic medical recordDeBoer, E. M., Prager, J. D., Kerby, G. S., & Stillwell, P. C.2016

DeBoer et al. – 2016 – Multidisciplinary care of children with repaired esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistulaDeBoer, E. M., Prager, J. D., Ruiz, A. G., Jensen, E. L., Deterding, R. R., Friedlander, J. A., & Soden, J.2016

DeBoer et al. – 2018 – Evaluating the yield of gastrointestinal testing in pediatric patients in aerodigestive clinicDeBoer, E. M., Kinder, S., Duggar, A., Prager, J. D., Soden, J., Deterding, R. R., … Friedlander, J. A.2018

Dewberry et al. – 2019 – Thoracoscopic posterior tracheopexy is a feasible and effective treatment for tracheomalaciaDewberry, L., Wine, T., Prager, J., Masaracchia, M., Janosy, N., Polaner, D., … Somme, S.2019

Duncan et al. – 2018 – Presenting Signs and Symptoms do not Predict Aspiration Risk in ChildrenDuncan, D. R., Mitchell, P. D., Larson, K., & Rosen, R. L.2018

Duncan et al. – 2019 – Feeding Interventions Are Associated with Improved Outcomes in Children with Laryngeal PenetrationDuncan, D. R., Larson, K., Davidson, K., May, K., Rahbar, R., & Rosen, R. L.2019

Duncan, Larson, Rosen – 2019 – Clinical Aspects of Thickeners for Pediatric Gastroesophageal Reflux and Oropharyngeal DysphagiaDuncan, D. R., Larson, K., & Rosen, R. L.2019

Fonash – 2018 – The Role of the Medical Social Worker in a Pediatric Aero-Digestive ProgramFonash, A.2018

Friedlander et al. – 2016 – Unsedated transnasal esophagoscopy for monitoring therapy in pediatric eosinophilic esophagitisFriedlander, J. A., Deboer, E. M., Soden, J. S., Furuta, G. T., Menard-Katcher, C. D., Atkins, D., … Prager, J. D.2016

Galligan et al. – 2018 – The Pediatric Aerodigestive Center as a Tertiary Care-Based Medical Home A Proposed ModelGalligan, M. M., Bamat, T. W., Hogan, A. K., & Piccione, J.2018

Garcia et al. – 2017 – Time-driven activity-based costing to estimate cost of care at multidisciplinary aerodigestive centersGarcia, J. A., Mistry, B., Hardy, S., Fracchia, M. S., Hersh, C., Wentland, C., … Hartnick, C. J.2017

Gumer et al. – 2019 – Size and prevalence of pediatric aerodigestive programs in 2017Gumer, L., Rosen, R., Gold, B. D., Chiou, E. H., Greifer, M., Cohen, S., & Friedlander, J. A.2019

Gurberg, Birnbaum, Daniel – 2015 – Laryngeal penetration on videofluoroscopic swallowing study is associated with increased pneumonia in childrenGurberg, J., Birnbaum, R., & Daniel, S. J.2015

Hall et al. – 2018 – Unsedated in-office transgastrostomy esophagoscopy to monitor therapy in pediatric esophageal diseaseHall, C. H. T., Nguyen, N., Hall, C. H. T., Nguyen, N., Furuta, G. T., Prager, J., Deboer, E., Deterding, R., … Friedlander, J. A.2018

Hartnick et al. – 2020 – Assessing the Value of Pediatric Aerodigestive CareHartnick, C., Shah, M., Coppess, S. M., Yamasaki, A., Johnson, K. E., Prager, J., … Kaplan, R. S.

Herzlinger – 2011 – How to solve the cost crisis in health careHerzlinger, R. E.2011

Kaplan – 2014 – Improving value with TDABCKaplan, R. S.2014

Kaplan et al. – 2014 – Using time-driven activity-based costing to identify value improvement opportunities in healthcareKaplan, R. S., Witkowski, M., Abbott, M., Guzman, A. B., Higgins, L. D., Meara, J. G., … Feeley, T. W.2014

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Les et al. – 2019 – 3D-printed, externally-implanted, bioresorbable airway splints for severe tracheobronchomalaciaLes, A. S., Ohye, R. G., Filbrun, A. G., Ghadimi Mahani, M., Flanagan, C. L., Daniels, R. C., … Green, G. E2019

Liu et al. – 2020 – Surveillance endoscopy after tracheostomy placement in children Findings and interventionsLes, A. S., Ohye, R. G., Filbrun, A. G., Ghadimi Mahani, M., Flanagan, C. L., Daniels, R. C., … Green, G. E2020

Masaracchia et al. – 2018 – Pediatric tracheomalacia and the periopertive anesthetic management of thoracoscopic posterior tracheopexyMasaracchia, M. M., Polaner, D. M., Prager, J. D., DeBoer, E. M., Dewberry, L. C., Somme, S., … Janosy, N. R.2018

McSweeney et al. – 2016 – Oral Feeding Reduces Hospitalizations Compared with Gastrostomy Feeding in Infants and Children Who AspirateMcSweeney, M. E., Kerr, J., Amirault, J., Mitchell, P. D., Larson, K., & Rosen, R.2016

Morrison et al. – 2015 – Mitigation of tracheobronchomalacia with 3D-printed personalized medical devices in pediatric patientsMorrison, R. J., Hollister, S. J., Niedner, M. F., Mahani, M. G., Park, A. H., Mehta, D. K., … Green, G. E.2015

Mudd et al. – 2017 – Cost Analysis of a Multidisciplinary Aerodigestive Clinic Are Such Clinics Financially Feasible?Mudd, P. A., Silva, A. L., Callicott, S. S., & Bauman, N. M.2017

Nguyen et al. – 2019 – Transnasal Endoscopy in Unsedated Children With Eosinophilic Esophagitis Using Virtual Reality Video GogglesNguyen, N., Lavery, W. J., Capocelli, K. E., Smith, C., DeBoer, E. M., Deterding, R., … Friedlander, J. A.2019

Ong et al. – 2020 – The Trach Safe Initiative A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Mortality among Pediatric Tracheostomy PatientsOng, T., Liu, C. C., Elder, L., Hill, L., Abts, M., Dahl, J. P., … Johnson, K. E.2020

Piccione et al. – 2012 – Bronchiectasis in chronic pulmonary aspiration Risk factors and clinical implicationsPiccione, J. C., McPhail, G. L., Fenchel, M. C., Brody, A. S., & Boesch, R. P.2012

Piccione, Boesch – 2018 – The Multidisciplinary Approach to Pediatric Aerodigestive DisordersPiccione, J., & Boesch, R. P.2018

Porter, Lee – 2013 – The strategy that will fix health carePorter, M. E., & Lee, T. H.2013

Prager, Baker – 2018 – The Multidisciplinary Tracheostomy Team A Parachute for Tracheostomy-Dependent ChildrenJeremy D. Prager, MD, MBA; Christopher D. Baker, MD2018

Rotsides et al. – 2017 – Is a Multidisciplinary Aerodigestive Clinic More Effective at Treating Recalcitrant Aerodigestive ComplaintsRotsides, J. M., Krakovsky, G. M., Pillai, D. K., Sehgal, S., Collins, M. E., Noelke, C. E., & Bauman, N. M.2017

Ruiz et al. – 2020 – Demonstrating the benefits of a multidisciplinary aerodigestive programRuiz, A. G., Bhatt, J. M., DeBoer, E. M., Friedlander, J., Janosy, N., Peterson, M. B., … Prager, J. D.2020

Shieh et al. – 2017 – Posterior tracheopexy for severe tracheomalaciaShieh, H. F., Smithers, C. J., Hamilton, T. E., Zurakowski, D., Rhein, L. M., Manfredi, M. A., … Jennings, R. W.2017

Shieh et al. – 2018 – Posterior Tracheopexy for Severe Tracheomalacia Associated with Esophageal Atresia (EA) Primary Treatment at the Time of Initial EA Repair vs Secondary TreatmentShieh, H. F., Smithers, C. J., Hamilton, T. E., Zurakowski, D., Visner, G. A., Manfredi, M. A., … Jennings, R. W.2018

Skinner et al. – 2016 – Financial and health impacts of multidisciplinary aerodigestive careSkinner, M. L., Lee, S. K., Collaco, J. M., Lefton-Greif, M. A., Hoch, J., & Au Yeung, K. J.2016

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Wootten et al. – 2019 – Aerodigestive Programs Enhance Outcomes in Pediatric PatientsWootten, C. T., Belcher, R., Francom, C. R., & Prager, J. D.2019

Yawn et al. – 2015 – Eosinophilic laryngitis in children with aerodigestive dysfunctionYawn, R. J., Acra, S., Goudy, S. L., Flores, R., & Wootten, C. T.2015

Yawn et al. – 2015 – The utility of bronchoalveolar lavage findings in the diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis in childrenYawn, R. J., Fazili, M., Provo-Bell, G., & Wootten, C. T.2015