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#02 3D-Printed, Anatomy-Based Model for Patient and Caregiver Education in a Multidisciplinary Aerodigestive CliniclHannah Benjamin, MS; Emily DeBoer, MD; Joel Friedlander, MD; Sparrow Helland, BSN, RN, CPN CN IV, , 2020

#03 Bastian Syndrome and the Benefits of Aerodigestive CareMatthew Gropler; Patricia Notario; Jerimiah Lysinger; Jeremy Prager, , 2020

#04 Biomarkers of Airway Aspiration Role and relevanceTaher Valika MD; Mike Gorelik MD; Carolyn Jenks MD; Matthew Maksimoski MD; Dana Thompson MD; Jennifer Lavin MD; Jonathan Ida MD, , 2020

#05 Too Noisy After SurgeryLakshmi Uppaluri; Michael Chee; Robert Manduley; Manuel Patusco, , 2020

#06 A Case Report of Aplasia of the Epiglottis and the Hyoid Bone in a Pierre Robin Sequence Patient, an Underreported AssociationLatifah Makoshi, MD; Elton M. Lambert, MD; Edward P. Buchanan, MD, FACS, FAAP; Huy D. (Brandon) Tran, MD, , 2020

#07 A 15 year review of skin allergy testing in Irish pateints with symptomatic rhinitisAndreea Nae MD, MRCSI; Kate Hinchion M.B. B.Ch; Ivan Keogh M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI, , 2020

#08 A novel surgical approach for the recreation of a pharyngoepiglottic fold for the management of dysphagiaMicheal Gorelik MD; Carolyn Jenks MD; Taher Valika MD, , 2020

#09 A Retrospective Study of the Prevalence of Food Allergy in Pediatric Patients with DysphagiaJennifer McLevy- Bazzanella, MD; Natalie Oberle Seabolt, DNP, RD, PNP; Madhu P Mamidala, PhD; Timothy Fan, Medical Student; Cem Akkus, PhD, MS, MPH; Akash Patel, Medical Student, , 2020

#10 Allergic rhinitis facts from an Irish paediatric populationAndreea Nae MD, MRCSI; Colleen Heffernan M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI; Michael Colreavy M.B. B.Ch, FRCSI, , 2020