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The Clinical Utility of High Resolution Pharyngeal ManometryAshli O'Rourke, , 2019

Therapeutics and Cases – High Resolution Pharyngeal ManometryAshli O'Rourke, , , 2019

Aerodigestive Complications The ENT PerspectiveLindy Wilcox, MD, , , 2019

PCH Aerodigestive and Pediatric Feeding Disorders ProgramDana Williams, MD, , , 2019

The Challenges of Establishing an Aerodigestive Team in South AmericaAlvaro Pancheco Tejerina, , , 2019

Value Based Care – The Role of TechnologyMahek Shaw, , 2019

Tongue Tie and Dysphagia: an evidence-based approachMcKenna Benoit, , , 2019

Aerodigestive Triple Endoscopy – Anesthetic ImplicationsCiarallo, janosky, Brooks Peterson, , , 2019

Best Practices in Pediatric DecannulationChristopher Baker, , , 2019

Aerodigestive-As-An-Inpatient-ServiceVrinda Bhardwaj, Doug Sidell, , , 2019

Aero Year in Review – 2019Rachel Rosen, Matthew Abts, Nancy Bauman, , , 2019

Endoscopic Management of Refractory Esophageal StricturesRobert Kramer MD, , ,