President’s Post-Conference (2022) Message

Dear Aerodigestive Members and Conference Attendees,

Thank you so much for a successful Quad conference week, our 10th Annual Meeting of the Aerodigestive Society!  I hope you can take a few minutes to read some updates and opportunities with the society for the upcoming year.

Please join as a member!  Benefits include online access to Aero Society Conference Lectures / Webinars / Content forever, access to our member directory (opt-in), discounted registration to the Annual Meeting and Webinars of the Aerodigestive Society, access to Aero Society committee membership, ability to participate in and support research and innovation, support and get involved in planning the annual meeting, and browse Aerodigestive related job listings.  We will be giving an additional 10% discount for new members or renewals in the next 2 weeks!  Click to become a new member or https:/ to renew your membership. These memberships will extend to January 2024.

Get involved!  We have openings this year in the Aero Executive Committee for Pulmonology, SLP / OT, and Program Coordinator representatives, and At-Large member.  On the Aero Society Board, we have openings for Secretary (web experience desired), Family Representative, and an At-Large Position.  Please contact us or talk to any Exec Committee member if you are interested in getting involved.  We will be sending out an invitation to vote for interested candidates within the next few weeks.  (E-mail if you are interested.  The deadline to contact us is 10/28/2022)

Exciting announcements! The Aerodigestive Society Board has contacted some management companies about further streamlining your experience as members and conference attendees.  We will be exploring the details of transitioning to this model for our next meeting and for webinars and member communications, which we expect will be expanded and streamlined within the next year.  We are also exploring collaborations with similar societies in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Join us in Research!  Please contact for more information about how to get involved in anything you’ve heard about this week or to apply for one of our $10,000 research grants supported by Bryan Medical®.  We have multiple ongoing studies, surveys, and committees that can benefit from your input!  Thank you in advance for your partnership as we strive to improve care for children with aerodigestive disorders.

Future Meetings!  We will be traveling back to Denver in the Fall of 2023, the date to be announced soon.  We are exploring the opportunity to travel to Mexico City for our subsequent meeting in 2024 and further expand our footprint to new cities beyond this schedule.

Thanks so much for your attendance, interest, and support,

The Aerodigestive Executive Committee

Kaalan Johnson – President
Matthew Brigger – President-Elect
Dave Molter – Secretary
Jeremy Prager – Treasurer
Lyndy Wilcox – ENT Representative
Paul Boesch – Pulmonary Representative
Sarah Kinder – GI Representative
Kara Larson – SLP/OT Representative
Casey Fotenot – Coordinator Representative
Clare Spahr – APP Representative
Christopher Wootten – At Large

Huge Thanks to the Quad Conference Program Committee!!

Mike Rutter
Alessandro deAlarcon
Catherine Hart
Charlie Myer
Dan VonAlmen
Donna Engels
Julie Ludwig
Joe Alward