Session 1 – Abstracts

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Moderator: Mymy Buu 1. The Interarytenoid Assessment Protocol (IAAP): A Multi-Institutional Validation Study to Standardize Pediatric Laryngeal Cleft Evaluations. Shaunak N. Amin, MD. University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital. 2. Using Machine Learning to Predict Treatment Response to Interarytenoid Injection Augmentation. Sara Esteves. Creighton University School of Medicine 3. Patient Reported Outcome Measures of Pediatric Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion from a Multi-Institutional Sample. Nancy Bauman, MD. Children’s National. 4. Analysis of the transcriptomic mechanisms activated in response to surgery-induced stress subsequent to end-to-end anastomosis tracheal resection.Jazmin Calyeca, MS, PhD. Nationwide Children’s Hospital 5. Implementation of A Three-Dimensional Printed Laryngoscope Holding Helmet for Continuous Laryngoscopy During Exercise in a Dedicated Multi-Disciplinary Exercise Induced Laryngeal Obstruction Clinic. Anna Christina Clements, MD. University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital

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